Cooking has always been one of my interests, from the first time I saw my mother pull fresh baked bread from the oven I knew I wanted to cook. This website is not only a place for me to share my recipes, it is also a place to discuss why I am cooking the way I do. Most of the recipes contained within this site are healthy, low fat, low sodium, etc… They do not however lack flavor or texture and they will fill you up just the same if not better than the more unhealthy alternatives.

I was unfortunately diagnosed with Erythrocytosis, it is classified as a MPD (you can google this). To describe it in short, my body produces way too many red blood cells which essentially makes my blood very thick. This can lead to clots, heart attacks, strokes, and a whole host of complications. The diagnosis came as a shock and as of today there is no cure, the good news is that life expectancy is normal as long as it remains well treated. Treatment for this disorder is similar to what cancer patients receive. I am currently on chemo in an attempt to slow the production of red blood cells. I have blood work done every couple weeks and a phlebotomy on just about every visit.

I do not intend to stay on chemo long, I want food, exercise, and a general change in lifestyle to help aid in keeping my counts normal. While getting off the chemo is the goal, I will of course continue treatment as long as it helps. Chemo kills an entire array of healthy cells and organisms within our bodies and it is my goal through proper nutrition to keep my immune system, energy levels, and overall health as good as possible.

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