So, Culinary Kind is my project to document my trials and tribulations in the culinary world. I am in no way a professional and I have never attended culinary school, I simply have a passion for quality food and a love for the art of cooking.

My primary focus is on quality food while at home or abroad. I travel a lot for my work and it is difficult to eat well without visiting a restaurant every day. Most of the time I try to follow a gluten free diet as it has helped me lose weight and has inadvertently caused me to control portion sizes as well.

The plan now is to share all the recipes that I try, some that I create, and make them so everyone can enjoy them. While everything will not be gluten free or vegetarian I am intending on making it easy for those recipes to be found. I will also be testing my culinary ability from hotel rooms where my kitchen will be limited to a microwave and mini fridge. I have found it more of a challenge than a hindrance to eat well without dining out.

Here goes, let me know what you think and if you happen to try any of the recipes posted.