While in Modesto I unfortunately was not able to visit any restaurants outside of fast food chains such. On the bright side I was able to visit the E&J Gallo employee store where wine is available for purchase at a discount price.

I purchased 12 bottles of wine and one bottle of olive oil. Little did I know that you cannot ship wine yourself, it must be done by a licensed shipper and some states prohibit it all together.

A new plan was hatched and I now have a box designed solely for the purpose of shipping wine. I purchased a strap with a handle to help carry it and will be checking it as an extra bag on my flight home. Not going to be the easiest piece of luggage to transport, at least I will get it home.

The wine selection consists of some standard reds and whites, with a couple exceptions. I have a bottle of a chocolate rouge as well as a small bottle of a late harvest wine. I cannot wait to see how these will taste in some of the dishes I have ideas for. One dish for the chocolate rouge wine is going to be a poached pear with some creme fraiche and seasonal berries. The other wines I will just have to see what comes up.

Of course a few bottles will be given to neighbors and friends… maybe one for the chef as well.