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Blood Counts – A history of my erythrocytosis

In Blog On July 23, 2014 0 Comments

I thought it would be a good idea to start tracking my blood work so that I can get a visual reference on everything that is happening. I… Read More »

Back to Cooking

In Blog On July 21, 2014 0 Comments

So after a long hiatus I am back in the kitchen trying to cook up some more healthy and tasteful dishes. I have since moved from Florida back… Read More »

Modesto Trip – Wine Galore

In Blog On March 8, 2013 0 Comments

While in Modesto I unfortunately was not able to visit any restaurants outside of fast food chains such. On the bright side I was able to visit the E&J Gallo employee store… Read More »

On the Road – Modesto California

In Blog On February 24, 2013 0 Comments

It looks like I am heading west in a few hours, out to Modesto California. Atlanta to LAX to San Francisco, it is going to be a long… Read More »

Culinary Kind – The Beginning

In Blog On February 18, 2013 0 Comments

So, Culinary Kind is my project to document my trials and tribulations in the culinary world. I am in no way a professional and I have never attended… Read More »